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What You Need to Know about the Legalization Process of Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana does not only involve making marijuana legal to smoke but also involves the reforming of the criminal justice system, establishment of racial justice and improving accountability. This article is going to give you more information about the marijuana Justice act.

The marijuana justice act aims at ending the prohibition while focusing on racial justice. It also aims at refocusing the legalization of marijuana to reforms on the criminal justice system so that to alleviate the harm that has been done by marijuana laws on some communities. You will realize that the act is also meant to fair and equitable legalization process because some communities face federal prohibition. Upon enactment of the act, marijuana products will cease from being classified as controlled substances. There will also be no restrictions to obtain and trade marijuana. The marijuana justice act is also geared towards reversing the damage that some communities have faced since the war on drugs. The bill states that those individuals that have been arrested for using marijuana are mainly the minority.

The bill aims at combating the injustice on the minority communities by lowering the funding by the federal government for the staffing and construction of prisons. The act is also going to lead to the creation of a $500 million Community Reinvestment Fund which will help to repair the damage of prohibition laws to the minority communities. In August 2017, the bill was first introduced to the Senate and it was brought to the House of Representatives in January 2018. The bill has not become popular and it is likely to move forward especially after the 2018 United States elections.

It is important to note that the marijuana justice act will eventually lead to marijuana being legal. With the legalization of marijuana, a lot of people are going to purchase marijuana products legally. Also, those offenders of marijuana related crimes might have their sentences reduced. There will be growth in the legal marijuana industry because of the incentives that are going to be offered. The removal of marijuana from the controlled substances list will make it safe for entrepreneurs to invest in marijuana in plenty of states where there are many different laws on drugs. You will also be glad to know that the marijuana justice act will help to differentiate between the illicit activities in the legal business transactions which will eventually strengthen the economy. With the marijuana justice act, youre going to enjoy restorative justice. If you are interested in learning more about the marijuana justice act, ensure that you visit this website.

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