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What to Consider When Buying an Espresso Maker

People have varied preferences concerning their espresso maker. Thankfully, we have an entire range of these machines available today. To know which one is right for you, it’s important to make a few important considerations.

Ease of Use

If you’re one for convenience above all else, choose an automated espresso maker with programmable settings. The buttons should be intuitive too, meaning you’ll naturally know where they are and how they function. Apart from ease of use, ease of cleaning is also important. A simple model with an intuitive design may not be that convenient if it’s such a challenge to clean.


When you talk about espresso makers, price boils down to the quality of the espresso flavor you want. If the taste of your espresso is a big thing for you, then invest in a higher-end model. Three other issues to consider are temperature, using steam pressure to make espresso (not advised), and how many boilers are in the machine, where more is better. If you’ll mainly be making cappuccinos or mochas and other drinks similar, then you should be happy with a lower-end machine. If you’re totally clueless about your preferences, get a mid-range model first and try to experiment.

Customer Service

Spend a few minutes to check out online reviews of various brands (on reputable consumer websites only to ensure credibility). Pay attention to how happy or unhappy they are with the performance of their machines, and of the customer service they receive. But note that no brand or company hasn’t received bad reviews about them. Just try to catch the overall vibe of the testimonials.


Pricey models come with a warranty, so this will give you a picture of what level of durability you can expect. Generally, those made of metal hold heat better and are longer lasting. And with more electric components in automated models, you can expect a more frequent need for repairs.

Extra Features

There are espresso makers that have unnecessary but handy features that make your experience more satisfying and convenient. Examples are a built-in coffee grinder, a cup warmer and a frothing wand. It’s obviously for you to decide if want these extra features or not. And as you’d expect, the more features you want, the higher the machine’s price will be.

When people end up buying the wrong espresso machine, it’s usually not an issue of quality more than it is an issue of getting the one that meets all their needs. So be careful not to make the same mistake. Know what you want and need before paying for an espresso maker.

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